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  Bing YAN

Rare Earth Hybrid Materials and Luminescent Materials


Organic-Inorganic Conjugates, Supermolecules/ Clusters, Nano Materials, for Optoelectronic Functions

  Guohua ZHAO

Environmental Electrochemistry

  Honghan FEI

Inorganic Layered Materials and Metal-organic Frameworks

  Jinhu YANG

Nanomaterials, Electrochemical Energy Storage Material, Photo / Electro Catalytic Materials

  Liangchun LI

Organic Chemistry, Organic Silicon Chemistry, Porous Coordination Polymer

  Lihua GAN

Colloid & Surface Chemistry, Nano Energy and Nano Environment

  Luning ZHANG

New Scanning Probe Microscopy and It's Application

  Ming WEN

Inorganic Nanomaterial

  Mingxian LIU

Porous Carbon Materials

  Qigang WANG

Functional Nanocomposite Gel

  Qingsheng WU

Nanomaterials Chemistry, Nano Bio-medicine, Nano Environmental Science

  Shuo SHI

Metal Anticancer Drugs, Disease Gene Diagnosis, Molecular Robot

  Tao CHEN

Nano Energy Materials, Conductive Polymers, Energy Conversion and Storage Devices

  Tianming YAO

Bio Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology

  Xiaoming HE

Optoelectronic Materials, Supramolecular Self-assembly

  Xiaopeng XING

Physical Chemistry and Soft Landing of Atomic Clusters, Mass Spectroscopy Techniques

  Xiaorong WANG

Anionic Polymerization, Molecular Rheology, Complex Fluids, Colloidal particle interaction and Jamming

  Xiaoxiang XU

Photocatalysis, Photoelectrocatalysis, New Energy Materials and Fuel Cells

  Xuefeng WANG 

Laser-ablated Metal Atom and Materials

  Yanghui ZHANG

C-H Functionalization Reactions, Green Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry


Calculating Titrimetric Analysis

  Zhipeng HUANG

Low Cost Nanostructures, Application of Nano-heterojunction in Nonlinear Optics.

  Zhixin TIAN

New Methods & Technologies for Proteomics and Glycomics, Comparative Proteomics and Glycomics

  Zhonghua HU

Cross-disciplinary Field Concerning Chemistry, Material Science, Energy Storage and Pollution Control

  Zuofeng CHEN

Solar Fuels, Photo and Electro Catalysis, Novel Energy Materials, Electro Chemiluminescence

  Chunxiang  KUANG

Organic Synthesis, Metal Organic, Drug Synthesis

  Peisheng CONG

Stoichiometry and Bioinformatics

  Ronghua ZHANG

Photochemical in Organic Synthesis, Novel Drug Molecules

  Wenwei TANG

Biological Water Treatment, Environmental Electrochemistry

  Xiangdong FANG

Organic Synthesis, Metal Organic Chemistry

  Xiaogang WANG

Physical Chemistry

  Xiaoming ZHAO

Organic Fluorine Chemistry, Asymmetric Catalysis

  Yongli MI

Environmental Engineering, Nano Engineering, DNA Self-assembly,  Bio-nano Technology

  Zhirong ZHU

Chemical Engineering 

  Zhongliang ZHU

Stoichiometry, Online Dynamics, Chromatographic Fingerprint of Natural Products


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