Graduate Programs
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  The training program for graduate students aims at cultivating specialists with skillful techniques, tremendous creativity and independent research abilities in chemistry and related fields, such as chemical engineering, biology, medicine, material, environment science, energy, and information. The department is authorized to award both master and doctoral degrees in all chemistry majors, including inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry. At the same time, our department is also capable of awarding master degree in engineering applied chemistry and chemical engineering. Generally, undergraduate students with B.Sc. or a B.E. degree are permitted to apply for the master program, which takes 2.5 year to get the degree. Undergraduate students with B.Sc. or a B.E. degree and graduate student with M.Sc. degree are allowed to apply for the doctoral program, which takes 4.5 and 3 years to obtain the degree, respectively.


Research Directions

Inorganic Chemistry

·Nano Materials
·Bioinorganic Chemistry
·Rare Earth Chemistry
·Coordination Chemistry and Supermolecule Chemistry
·Material Inorganic Chemistry
·Solid State Inorganic Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry

·Electrochemical Analysis
·Environmental Analytical Chemistry


Organic Chemistry

·Organic Synthetic Chemistry
·Physical Organic Chemistry
·Bioorganic Chemistry


Physical Chemistry

·Adsorption and Catalysis
·Environmental Biological Electrochemistry
·Colloid and Surface Chemistry
·Molecular Spectrum and Molecular Reaction Dynamics


Chemical Engineering

·Material Chemistry
·Organic Synthesis in Industry
·Environmental Chemistry and Engineering
·Modern Instrumental Analysis
·Mass Transfer and Separation Engineering
·Catalytic and Reaction Engineering

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