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Seminar on May 30, 2016: Prof. Jiang Xin(Professor from 1,000 Talents Plan)
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Title: Diamond Composite Films: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

SpeakerProf. Jiang Xin(Professor from 1,000 Talents Plan)

TimeMay 30, 2016 ( Monday), 9:00–10:30

LocationRoom 120, Chemistry Building


Diamond/β-SiC composite films have been fabricated using chemical vapor deposition techniques. The ultimate goal is to create a superior material with combined advantages of both diamond and β-SiC for a wide range of applications, such as tribological and biological coatings, sensors, windows for harsh environment, and electronic devices etc. In this presentation, the recent processes made in the synthesis, characterization and applications of the diamond/β-SiC composite films are presented. The presentation will start from the deposition of nanocrystalline diamond/β-SiC composite films and then move on to the introduction of our recent results in controlling the crystal quality, conductivity, phase distribution and orientation of both diamond and β-SiC phases in the composite films by carefully manipulating the deposition parameters. The application of the composite films for the fabrication of porous diamond network and porous SiC membrane with large surface area will be highlighted. Subsequently, the usage of the composite film as cutting tool coating as well as substrates for sensor applications, i.e., biosensor and sensor for trace heavy metal detection, will be presented to shed some light on the future application of the films. In the end of the presentation, our recent results in using SiC as the catalyst during the CVD process for the fabrication of SiC/graphene composite structure, i.e. SiC/graphene nanolaminate, will be presented.

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