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Seminar on May 13, 2016: Dr. Joel H Parks ( Harvard University)
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Title: Metal Clusters: Diffraction, Structures and Reactions

SpeakerDr. Joel H Parks, Harvard University

TimeMay 13, 2016 ( Friday), 15:30  -- 17:00

LocationRoom 120, Chemistry Building


The determination of structures for nanoscale clusters is one of the outstanding challenges of cluster science, and it has been approached in several ways. Structural determination via analysis of diffraction measurements is most desirable, because the scattering data are related to the spatial arrangement of the scattering atoms. This relationship allows for a direct comparison between the experimentally-measured data and theoretical structure calculations, because the measured diffraction patterns are directly related to atomic positions. However, as will be shown, it is necessary to compare the measured diffraction patterns with patterns calculated for theoretically-optimized structures in order to identify the most probable atomic arrangement. It has been demonstrated that trapped ion electron diffraction measurements of mass selected metal clusters are particularly sensitive to size-dependent changes in structural symmetries and changes in local order.


1959 Physics, B. S. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology·   

1969 Physics, Ph. D. - Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyResearch Positions·   

1959 - 1961, Associate Engineer, Boeing Airplane Company·   

1961 - 1964, Research Scientist, Polaroid Corporation·   

1964 - 1968, Research Assistant, Optical and Infrared Laser Group, MIT·   

1969 - 1976, Assistant Professor, University of Southern California·   

1976 - 1981, Principal Research Scientist, Avco Everett Research Laboratory·   

1981 - 2002, Senior Staff Scientist and Advisory Council Member, The Rowland Institute for Science·   

2002 - Present, Rowland Senior Fellow, Associate of the Rowland Institute at Harvard, Harvard University

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