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International Young Scholar Forum, Tongji University
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International Young Scholar Forum, Tongji University

Agenda of the Forum on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Location:Room 120, Chemistry Building

May 5th

9:15 9: 30

 Opening Ceremony

9: 30 9: 50

Yang Chao, Deputy Director of Personnel Department introduces Tongji talent introduction policy

9: 50 10: 05

Vice President Lv Peiming delivers a speech

10: 05 10: 15

Group photo time

10: 15 10: 30

Wang Xuefeng: Brief introduction to Department and talent recruitment policy

Break: 10: 30 10:40

Host by

Prof. Wang Qigang

10:40 11: 05

Xu Tao

(Federal University of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland)

Transition Metal - catalyzed Novel Reactions and Small Molecule Activation Based on Biological Simulation

11:05 11:30

Li Shenglong

(National Taiwan University)

Flow-induced Large-area Material Patterning at the Liquid-solid Interface

Lunch Break

Host by

Prof. Tian Zhixin

13:30 13:55

Wang Rixin

(University of Würzburg, Germany)

The Tale of Two Reactive ElectronsCarbenoids and Carborynes

13:55 14:20

Zeng Zhiyuan

(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

Battery strategy: materials synthesis, mechanism research and energy applications of transmission electron microscopy in situ

14:20 14:45

Liu Zhendong

(University of Tokyo, Japan)

Ultrafast and Continuous Flow Synthesis of Crystalline Microporous Materials

14:45 15:10

Wang Huanwen

(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Four Effective Ways to Increase the Energy Density of Supercapacitor

Break: 15:10 15:30

Host by

Prof. Chen Zuofeng

15:30 15:55

Chen Qianjin

(University of Utah, USA)

Surface Confinement as a Strategy to Control Phase Transition: from Polymer Micelles to Gas Nanobubbles

15:5516: 20

Wang Qian

(University of Tokyo, Japan)

Scalable Water Splitting on Particulate Photocatalyst Sheets

16:20 16: 45

Lei Chuan Hu

(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Study on Tandem Reaction of Functionalized Triacrylamide Series reaction

16:45 17:10

Wu Changzhu

(Dresden University of Technology, Germany)

Bridging Gaps between Enzyme Technology and Materials Science

17:10 17: 35

Du Yaping

(Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)

Construction and Properties of Ultrafine Rare Earth Nanostructures Based on Solution Chemistry


May 6th

9: 00 10: 30

Experience sharing and exchange (Moderator: Prof. Xu Xiaoxiang, Prof. Fei Honghan)

10: 30 11: 30

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