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Ming WEN
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Professor Dr. Ming WEN



Ming Wen

School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tongji University



Rm 544, Chemistry Building

Siping Road 1239, Shanghai 200092, P. R. China











   Dr. Ming WEN received her Ph.D from chemistry department of Kinki University (Japan) in 2002. In 2011 and 2015, she has international communication in Tohoku University (Japan) and Humboldt-Universitätzu Berlin (German), respectively. She joined Tongji University as an associate professor in 2002, and then advanced to full professor in 2009. Her main research area is focus on the chemistry of metal & alloy nanomaterials together with their composites. A series of nanomaterials especially alloy materials at nano- and micro-scales with controllable morphologies and structures are currently investigated through employing various interactions and controlled self-assemblies. Design and preparation of novel nanostructure can be carried out through nanoscience and nanotechnology by the careful controlling of chemical reaction conditions. Based on electron-enhanced catalysis reaction, the fabrication and perform reactivity have been carried out for application in hydrogen generation, environments treatment, and electrodes nanomaterials.   


I.  Research Area

(1) Nanoalloy catalytic materials

(2) Li\Na ion battery electrode materials

(3) CO2 selectively catalytic conversion


II. Academic Service and Awards


2004   Tongji University Outstanding Young Teachers Award


2012-   Council Member of Functional Material Society (China)


2013   Third Prize award of the Shanghai Natural Sciences



III  Academic Achievements




(9) The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Project) “The constructing of alloy nanorods modified overall porous-carbon-spheres hierarchical porous composite system and their electrocatalytic performance of hydrogen evolution reaction”(No. 21771140)

(8) The sub-project of The National Basic Research Program (973 Program) “Controllable Synthesis and Catalytic Reaction of Metal and Metal compounds Nanocrystals”(No. 2011CB932404)

(7) The National Natural Science Foundation of China ( Breeding Project) “Dehydrogenation catalysis oriented synthesis and mechanism investigation for multicomponent alloy /inlay structure through high active crystal plane selective controlling process”(No. 91222103)

(6) The National Natural Science Foundation of China ( General Project) “Construction and Properties of Hierarchical Composite Metal/Alloys Heterostructured Meshwork Nanomaterials”(No. 51271132)

(5) The National Natural Science Foundation of China ( General Project) “Study on the Preparation and Properties of Heterojunction Nanochain of Nobel Metal Nanowairs Throughout Fe-based Alloys”(No. 21171130)

(4) The National Natural Science Foundation of China ( General Project) “Inducing synthesis and properties of Multi-amorphous alloy nanotubes by soft-hard composite template”(No. 20771085)

(3) The Basic Research Key Project of “S&T innovation program” Supported by the Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, China “Preparation and property of novel nets pore structured amorphous alloy enzyme electrode for biological fuel cell”(No. 09JC1414100)

(2) The Research & Invention Key Project Supported by the Shanghai Education, China “The Assembly Synthesis of Amorphous Multiple-alloy Nanotube with Controllable Property” (No. 10ZZ21)

(1) The Foundation for Returned Oversears Chinese Scholar, China “The Synthesis and Stability of New Structural Ag(I) Coordination Complex”



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