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Dazhang ZHU
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Dr. Dazhang ZHU



Dazhang Zhu, Associate Professor

School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tongji University



Chemistry Building 428

Siping Road 1239, Shanghai 200092, P. R. China












Selected Publications:


[1] Zhu Da-zhang, Jiang Cheng, Sun Dong-mei.Supercapacitive Properties of Hydrothermaily Synthesized γ-MnOOH Nanowires. Advanced Materials Research 2012,634-638(1-4): 2638-2642  (SCI)

[2] Zhu Dazhang, Sun Dongmei, Wu Qingsheng, Assembly of nano-superstructural aragonite CaCO3 by living bio-membrane, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience 2011, 6 (6):622-730  (SCI)

[3] Liu Ming-Xian, Gan Li-Hua, Xiong Wei, Zhu Da-Zhang, Xu Zi-Jie, Chen Long-Wu. Partially graphitic micro- and mesoporous carbon microspheres for supercapacitors. Chinese Chemical Letters 2013, 24 (12): 1037-1040  (SCI)

[4] Tripathi Pranav K., Liu, Mingxian, Gan Lihua, Qian Jiasheng, Xu Zijie, Zhu Dazhang, Rao Nageswara N. High surface area ordered mesoporous carbon for high-level removal of rhodamine B. Journal of Materials Science 2013, 48 (22): 8003-8013  (SCI)  

[5] Yao Mingming, Liu Mingxian, Gan Lihua, Zhao Fengqi, Fan Xuezhong, Zhu Dazhang, Xu Zijie, Hao Zhixian, Chen Longwu. Monoclinic mesoporous BiVO4: Synthesis and visible-light-driven photocatalytic property. Colloids & Surface A -Physicochemical And Engineering Aspects 2013, 433: 132-138      (SCI)

[6] Liu Mingxian, Gan Lihua, Xiong Wei, Zhao Fengqi, Fan Xuezhong, Zhu Dazhang, Xu Zijie, Hao Zhixian, Chen Longwu. Nickel-Doped Activated Mesoporous Carbon Microspheres with Partially Graphitic Structure for Supercapacitors. Energy & Fuels 2013, 27(2):1168-1173        (SCI)

[7] Qian Jiasheng, Liu Mingxian, Gan Lihua, Tripathi Pranav K., Zhu Dazhang, Xu Zijie, Hao Zhixian, Chen Longwu, Wright Dominic S. A seeded synthetic strategy for uniform polymer and carbon nanospheres with tunable sizes for high performance electrochemical energy storage. Chemical Communications 2013, 49(29): 3043-3045      (SCI)

[8] Mingxian Liu, Liuhua Chen, Yunhui Zhao, Lihua Gan, Dazhang Zhu, Wei Xiong, Yaokang Lv, Zijie Xu, Longwu Chen. Preparation, characterization and properties of liposome-loaded polycaprolactone microspheres as a drug delivery system. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 2012,395:131–136   (SCI)

[9] Mingxian Liu, Lihua Gan, Liuhua Chen, Dazhang Zhu, Zijie Xu, Zhixian Hao, Longwu Chen. A novel liposome-encapsulated hemoglobin/silica nanoparticle as an oxygen carrier. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 2012,427: 354–357   (SCI)

[10] Lv Yaokang, Gan Lihua, Liu Mingxian, Xiong Wei, Xu Zijie, Zhu Dazhang, Wright Dominic S.A self-template synthesis of hierarchical porous carbon foams based on banana peel for supercapacitor electrodes. Journal of Power Sources 2012, 209: 152-157   (SCI) 

[11] Liu Mingxian, Gan Lihua, Chen Liuhua, Xu Zijie, Zhu Dazhang, Hao Zhixian, Chen Longwu. Supramolecular Core-Shell Nanosilica@Liposome Nanocapsules for Drug Delivery. Langmuir 2012, 28(29):10725-10732     (SCI)

[12] Fan Rong, Gan Lihua, Liu Mingxian, Zhu Dazhang, Chen Liuhua, Xu Zijie, Hao Zhixian, Chen Longwu.  An interaction of helical with liposome biomembrane.  Applied Surface Science 2011, 257(6): 2102-2106  (SCI)


[14]朱大章,孙晓宇,李文哲.中国发明专利,一种沥青抗剥落剂及其制备方法,专利号ZL 2004 1 0093217.8,授权公告日2009年5月13日

[15] 朱大章,孙冬梅,汪世龙,孙晓宇,倪亚明,喹啉水溶液真空紫外降解过程中的吸收光谱分析,光谱学与光谱分析,2009, 29(7): 1933-1936 (SCI)


[16] Liuhua Chen, Lihua Gan, Shenjing An, Dazhang Zhu, Zijie Xu, Zhixian Hao, Longwu Chen. Interaction between (1,1’-Binaphthalene)-2,2’-diol and Lecithin Liposome, Chin. J. Chem., 2010, 28 (2): 193-198       (SCI)


[17]安身景, 甘礼华, 陈柳华, 刘明贤, 朱大章, 徐子颉, 郝志显, 陈龙武. 物理化学学报, 2010, 26(07), 1847-1851                    (SCI)


[18] Dong-Mei Sun, Da-Zhang Zhu, Qing-Sheng Wu, Bi-template effect of a vegetal system on the synthesis of alkaline-earth tungstate nanocrystals, J. Mater. Res., 2009, 24: 347-351


[19] 宋琳,朱大章,孙晓宇,汪世龙,孙冬梅. 介孔球状纳米羟基磷灰石的多级组装合成.化学学报,2009,67(23):2697-2702 )


[20] Zhu Jianchun, Gan Lihua, Liu Mingxian, Xu Zijie, Hao Zhixian, Zhu Dazhang, Chen Longwu.Fabrication and Photoelectric Properties of CdTe/TiO2 Nanocrystals Multilayer, Advanced Materials Research    2009, 79-82: 481-484


[21]Tian Yuchen, Gan Lihua, Liu Mingxian, Xu Zijie, Hao Zhixian, Zhu Dazhang, Chen Longwu.  Self-assembly of PPV/CdTe Nanocrystal Complex for Photovoltaic Device. Advanced Materials Research2009, 79-82: 485-488

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