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Huijie SHI
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Dr. Huijie SHI



Huijie Shi, Associate Research Fellow

School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tongji University



Chemistry Building 436

Siping Road 1239, Shanghai 200092, P. R. China












I    Research Area:


1. Rational design and fabrication of highly selective and sensitive electrochemical and photoelectrochemical sensors for special environmental pollutants in complex matrix, and the selective recognition mechanism


2. Selective oxidation and removal of target environmental pollutants in complex matrix, concerning the fabrication of photoelectrodes, and its interaction with the environmental pollutants, recognition and activation of molecules and etc.



II   Publications:


29. Huijie Shi, Jinzhi Zhao, Yingling Wang, Guohua Zhao, A highly selective and picomolar level photoelectrochemical sensor for PCB 101 detection in environmental water samples, Biosensors &Bioelectronics 81 (2016) 503-509


28. Jiaqi Fan, Huijie Shi, Hangshuang Xiao, Guohua Zhao, Double-Layer 3D Macro–Mesoporous Metal Oxide Modified Boron-Doped Diamond with Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2016, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b01929


27. Jiaqi Fan, Zuofeng Chen, Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, In situ grown, self-supported iron-cobalt-nickel alloy amorphous oxide nanosheets with low overpotential toward water oxidation, Chemical Communications 52 (2016) 4290-4293


26. Jibo Liu, Huijie Shi, Xiaofeng Huang, Qi Shen, Guohua Zhao, Efficient Photoelectrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Pyridyl Covalent Bonded Ruthenium (II) Based-Photosensitizer, Electrochimica Acta 216 (2016) 228-238


25. Yajun Zhang, Bo Tang, Zhongyi Wu, Huijie Shi, Yanan Zhang, Guohua Zhao, Glucose oxidation over ultrathin carbon-coated perovskite modified TiO2 nanotube photonic crystals with high-efficiency electron generation and transfer for photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen production, Green Chemistry 18 (2016) 2424-2434


24. Xiuyan Li, Ruojie Cheng, Huijie Shi, Bo Tang, Hangshuang Xiao, Guohua Zhao, A simple highly sensitive and selective aptamer-based colorimetric sensor for environmental toxins microcystin-LR in water samples, Journal of Hazardous Materials 304 (2016) 474-480


23. Yajun Zhang, Guohua Zhao, Huijie Shi, Ya-nan Zhang, Wenna Huang, Xiaofeng Huang, Zhongyi Wu, Photoelectrocatalytic Glucose Oxidation to Promote Hydrogen Production over Periodically Ordered TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Assembled of Pd Quantum Dots, Electrochimica Acta 174 (2015) 93-101


22.  Lifang Fan, Guohua Zhao, Huijie Shi, Meichun Liu, A simple and label-free aptasensor based on nickel hexacyanoferrate nanoparticles as signal probe for highly sensitive detection of 17b-estradiol, Biosensors & Bioelectronics 68 (2015) 303-309


21. Li Xiuyan, Cheng Ruojie, Shi Huijie, Tang Bo, Zhao Guohua, A simple highly sensitive and selective aptamer-based colorimetric sensor for environmental toxins microcystin-LR in water samples, Journal of Hazardous Materials 304 (2015) 474-480


20. Zhongyi Wu, Guohua Zhao, Yajun Zhang, Jian Liu, Ya-nan Zhang, Huijie Shi, A solar-driven photocatalytic fuel cell with dual photoelectrode for simultaneous wastewater treatment and hydrogen production, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (2015) 3416-3424


19.  Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, Water Oxidation on Spinel NiCo2O4 Nanoneedles Anode: Microstructures, Specific Surface Character, and the Enhanced Electrocatalytic Performance, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (2014)  25939-25946


18.  Huijie Shi, Cheng Chen, Bo Tang, Guohua Zhao, Photoelectrochemical Enantioselective Recognition of Amino Acid Enantiomers on (001) Facet TiO2 Surface, Electrochimica Acta 146 (2014) 359-364


17. Cheng Chen, Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, Chiral Recognition and Enantioselective Photoelectrochemical Oxidation toward Amino Acids on Single-Crystalline ZnO, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (2014)  12041-12049


16.  Lifang Fan, Guohua Zhao, Huijie Shi, Meichuan Liu, Yanbin Wang, Hongyang Ke, A Femtomolar Level and Highly Selective 17 beta-estradiol Photoelectrochemical Aptasensor Applied in Environmental Water Samples Analysis, Environmental Science & Technology 48 (2014)  5754-5761


15.  Ya-nan Zhang, Yefei Jin, Xiaofeng Huang, Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, Hongying Zhao, Nanocrystalline {001} TiO2/carbon aerogel electrode with high surface area and enhanced photoelectrocatalytic oxidation capacity, Electrochimica Acta 130 (2014)  194-199


14.  Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, Meichuan Liu, Lifang Fan, Tongcheng Cao, Aptamer-based colorimetric sensing of acetamiprid in soil samples: Sensitivity, selectivity and mechanism, Journal of Hazardous Materials 260 (2013) 754-761


13. Ya-nan. Zhang, Fuqiao Nong, Huijie Shi, Sshouning Chai, Xiaofeng Huang, Guohua Zhao, Yonggang Zhang, Yalei Zhang, Enhanced selective photoelectrochemical oxidation for small organic molecules derived from molecularly imprinted single crystalline ZnO nanorods electrodes, Electrochemistry Communications 33 (2013) 5-9


12. Yingying Zhang, Tongcheng Cao, Xiaofeng Huang, Meichuan Liu, Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, A Visible-Light Driven Photoelectrochemical Aptasensor for Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Bisphenol A with High Sensitivity and Specificity, Electroanalysis 25 (2013) 1787-1795


11. Bingjie Lu, Meichuan Liu, Huijie Shi, Xiaofeng Huang, Guohua Zhao, A Novel Photoelectrochemical Sensor for Bisphenol A with High Sensitivity and Selectivity Based on Surface Molecularly Imprinted Polypyrrole Modified TiO2 Nanotubes, Electroanalysis 25 (2013) 771-779


10. Lifang Fan, Guohua Zhao, Huijie Shi, Meichuan Liu, Zhengxin Li, A highly selective electrochemical impedance spectroscopy-based aptasensor for sensitive detection of acetamiprid, Biosensors & Bioelectronics 43 (2013)  12-18


9. Meichuan Liu, Guohua Zhao, Yiting Tang, Huijie Shi, Nianjun Yang, Direct Electrochemistry of Hemoglobin on Vertically Aligned Carbon Hybrid TiO2 Nanotubes and Its Highly Sensitive Biosensor Performance, Chinese Journal of Chemistry 31 (2013)  215-220


8. Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, Tongcheng Cao, Meichuan Liu, Chong Guan, Xiaofeng Huang, Zhiliang Zhu, Nianjun Yang, O. A. Williams, Selective and visible-light-driven profenofos sensing with calixarene receptors on TiO2 nanotube film electrodes, Electrochemistry Communications 19 (2012) 111-114


7. Kang Chen, Meichuan Liu, Guohua Zhao, Huijie Shi, Lifang Fan, Sichen Zhao, Fabrication of a Novel and Simple Microcystin-LR Photoelectrochemical Sensor with High Sensitivity and Selectivity, Environmental Science & Technology 46 (2012)  11955-11961


6. Yabo Wang, Ya-nan Zhang, Guohua Zhao, Hongyi Tian, Huijie Shi, Tianchen Zhou, Design of a Novel Cu2O/TiO2/Carbon Aerogel Electrode and Its Efficient Electrosorption-Assisted Visible Light Photocatalytic Degradation of 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol, Acs Applied Materials & Interface 4 (2012) 3965-3972


5. Huijie Shi, Guohua Zhao, Meichuan Liu, Zhiliang Zhu, A novel photoelectrochemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer modified TiO2 nanotubes and its highly selective detection of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Electrochemistry Communications 13 (2011) 1404-1407


4. Huijie Shi, Yu Chen, Feng Gao, Huijuan Yu, Guanying Li, Hui Chao, Xianfa Shi, Liangnian Ji, Synthesis, DNA-binding and DNA-photocleavage properties of ruthenium(II) mixed-polypyridyl complex [Ru(tbz)2(dppz)]2+, Journal of Molecular Structure 892 (2008) 485-489


3. Huijie Shi, Xianfa Shi, Tianming Yao, Liangnian Ji, Study of the molecular recognition of nucleotides and bases by a novel calixarene derivative containing uracil, Chinese Journal of Chemistry 26 (2008) 170-174


2. Haiyan Zhang, Huijie Shi, Xianfa Shi, Synthesis and characterization of p-tert-butylcalix 4 arene derivative containing adenine and its molecular recognition to nucleotides and bases, Chemical Journal of Chinese University 29 (2008)  1777-1780


1. Xiaojun Hu, Huijie Shi, Xianfa Shi, et al., Selective nitration of thiacalix[4]arene and an investigation of its acid-base properties with a chemometric method, Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 78 (2005) 138-141

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