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Yanhui WU
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Dr. Yanhui WU



Yanhui Wu, Associate Professor, Master and Doctor Supervisor

School of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tongji University



Room 533, Chemistry Building

Siping Road 1239, Shanghai 200092, P. R. China












1990-1994  Chemical Eengineering, Tianjin University, Bachelor


1992-1994  Industrial management engineering, Tianjin University, 2nd Bachelor


1994-1999 Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University, Doctor 


1999-2003  Department of Chemistry, Tongji University, Lecturer


2003-now  School of Chemical Science and Engineering(Department of Chemistry), Associate Professor


2010    University of California, Berkeley, USA, Visiting Scholar



I      Research Interests


1. Pervaporation membrane and process


2. Membrane for CO2 separation


3. Ion exchange membrane


4. Industrial catalysis


5. Reactive distillation



II    Honors & Awards


1. International water association (IWA),  member


2. Water purification technology society of Shanghai, member



III   Academic Achievements


Main Projects:

1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ionic liquid modified mesoporous molecular sieve-polymer mixed matrix membrane and its pervaporation performance for biobutanal


2. Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, Construction of alcohol permselective membrane based on modified graphene oxide and its mass transfer mechanism


3. Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai, Basic research on functionalized ionic liquid supported membrane for CO2 capture


4. Project Supported by SINOPEC Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Synthesis of hydroxypivaldehyde through the reactive distillation with formaldehyde and isobutyraldehyde


5. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Inorganic nanoparticle gelled ionic liquid supported membrane for CO2 separation


6. Kwang-Hua Fund for College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Accelerated carbonation of  waste concrete for CO2 sequestration


7. Project supported by Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited, Analysis of the filtration membrane industry


8. Project supported by State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals, Construction of functionalized inorganic nanoparticle – ionic liquid gel and its application in CO2 separation


9. National Science and Technology Major Project, Cracking technology of waste plastics in urban and rural household garbage with high efficiency and stability and its demonstration


10. The National High Technology Research and Development Program("863"Program), Lightening technology for the utilization of coal tar pitch




Recent Publications:


1. Tan H F, Wu Y H*, Zhou Y, Liu Z N, Li T M, Pervaporative recovery of n-butanol from aqueous solutions with MCM-41 filled PEBA mixed matrix membrane, Journal of Membrane Sicence, 2014, 453: 302-311.


2. Tan H F, Wu Y H*, Li Li T M, Pervaporation of n-butanol aqueous solution through ZSM-5-PEBA composite membranes, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013, 129(1): 105-112.


3. Wu Y H*, Tan H F, Zhang D D, Li T M, Pervaporation of Acetaldehyde Aqueous Solution through 3A zeolite-Polyurethane (PU) Composite Membrane,  Separation Science and Technology, 2011, 46(12): 1908-1914.


4. Wu Y H*, Tian G Q, Tan H F, Fu X T,  Pervaporation of phenol wastewater with PVDF-PU blend membrane,  Desalination and Water Treatment, 2013, 51(25-27): 5311-5318.


5. Wu Y H*, Tan H F, Li T M, Jin Y, Pervaporation of Acetaldehyde Aqueous Solution through ZSM-5 Filled PDMS Composite Membrane, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012, 20(4): 625-632.


6. Tan H F, Wu Y H*, Zhang H M, Preparation and properties of molecular sieve supported heteropoly acid-polyimide composite proton exchange membranes,Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Materials for Renewable Energy & Environment (ICMREE 2011),694-698.


7.  Duan Y C, Wu Y H*, Yu S K, Li T M, Separation of CO2 with supported ionic liquid membrane, Progress in Chemistry, 2012, 24(7): 1405-1412.


8.  Wu Y H*, Zhang T H, Duan Y C, Yu S K, Supported ionic liquid membranes for CO2/CH4 separation, CIESC Journal, 2013, 64(s1): 111-117.


9.  Wu Y H*,Yu S K, Duan Y C, Li T M, Determination of gas selectivity of solution in RTILs with polar group by group contribution method,CIESC Journal, 2011, 62(10): 2684-2690.


10.  Wu Y H*,Zhang H F, Li M, Liu Z N, Molecular simulation of sorption of gases in 6FDA-polyimides, CIESC Journal, 2009, 60(3): 762-768.


11. Wu Y H*, Liang Z L, Liu J, Liu Z N,Thermodynamics of aldol condensation of acetaldehyde, Journal of Tongji University,2011, 39(3): 456-461.



Authorised Patents


1. Wu Y H, Duan Y C, Yang B, Li X D, Xu X D, Preparation method of supported imidazole ionic liquid gel membrane for gas separation, Chinese Invention Patent, ZL201210124953.x


2. Wu Y H, Liu J, Zhang H F, Liang Z L, Preparation method for a quaternized chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) membrane,Chinese Invention Patent, ZL200910046057.4


3. Liu C Y, Wu Y H, Zhu Z R, Preparation and application of catalysts for converting waste plastics to fuel oil, Chinese Invention Patent, ZL201010557031.9

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