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Associate Professors
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Associated Professors





  Bing XU

Quantitative Calculation, Molecular structure, Molecular reaction process


Green Water Treatment Chemicals

  Dongbei WU

Adsorption Functional Material 

  Hongbo GU

Polymer Nanocomposites, Environmental Remediation and Giant Magnetoresistance Sensors 

  Hongying ZHAO

Multifunctional Electrode

  Hui YU

Organic Synthesis and Free Radical Chemistry

  Huijie SHI

Electro and Photoelectro Catalysis

  Jinying GU

Supramolecular Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry 


Supramolecular Chemistry and Bio-inorganic Chemistry 

  Liyan FAN

Inorganic Chemistry and Metal-organic Chemistry

  Meichuan LIU

Environmental Bio-electrochemical and Photoelectric Analysis


Multiscale Analysis and Simulation,  Phase Equilibria and Crystallization,  Zeolite and Zeolite Membrane

  Ming LI

Adsorption Separation 

  Nan MA

Organic Sythesis

  Rongfu ZOU

Inorganic Chemistry

  Tongcheng CAO

Environmental Bio-electrochemistry 

  Wenjun LI

Materials Chemistry and Engineering 

  Xiaolan CHAI

Analytical Chemistry

  Xinhua XU

Physical Chemistry

  Yanan ZHANG

Environmental Photoelectric Chemistry 

  Yanghui WU

Membrane and Membrane Process, Catalytic Reaction 

  Ying WANG

Nano-electro Analytical Chemistry, Nano Bio-analytical Technology

  Yong YANG

Flourine Chemistry

  Yun CHEN

Nano Materials Chemistry and Nano Environmental Chemistry

  Zhixian HAO

Polymer Chemistry and Catalysis

  Zhongliang JIANG

Organic Synthetic, Bio-medicinal Chemistry 

  Zifeng DENG

Analytical Chemistry

  Zijie XU

Novel Carbon Materials





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