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  The Department of Chemistry was established in 1937,which has obtained remarkable achievements in the history. Professor Baoren Wang served as the first dean. Since its foundation,it has cultivated many experts in chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacy and life sciences, and material or environmental science and engineering for the country, including Youqi Tang, Peizhang Lu, Zhitang Huang, Chunan Cao, Jingfa Deng, and Zhengwu Qi. During the adjustment of subjects in 1952,the Department of Chemistry was incorporated into Fudan University, East China Institute of Chemical Technology and other colleges and universities, shouldering the responsibility of tutoring the fundamental chemistry courses. 
  In 1958, Tongji set up the major of Applied Chemistry, which is the first try in China. From 1958 to 1964, the department had recruited and trained three generations of students in this major. In 1982, the department of chemistry and the major of applied chemistry were formally approved to rebuild by the State Council. With the proceeding of Reform and Opening Policy, the department of chemistry is developing continuously. In 1990s, the department was granted to award master degrees in analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and applied chemistry. In 2003, the department was allowed to award doctorial degree in inorganic chemistry. In 2006, Ministry of Education authorized the department to award doctorial degrees in all subjects in chemistry. In 2007, the Post doc Workstation was also established here.
  Now, the Department has 27 professors and 27 associate professors, who combine into several energetic teaching and research teams. 90% of the faculties have a doctorate degree. Professor LiangNian Ji is an Academician of both Tongji University and Zhongshan University. There are many domestic and international chemists serving as honorary professors or joint professor, such as Youqi Tang, Weiyuan Huang, Peizhang Lu, Zhitang Huang, Chunan Cao, Zhiqin Wang, Shouzhuo Yao, Hongyuan Chen, Zhengwu Qi, Jiaqi Deng, Nianyi Chen and Haas.B.Giesse. The Department of Chemistry offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Currently, about 300 undergraduate students and 280 graduate students enroll in the department. High level teaching and active researching will create a better department in the near future.

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